About Me

This is as short as the hair can go.
I am a wife, mother, and writer.

I live North of Pittsburgh in a township populated by an extraordinary number of pizza shops. I married my high school sweetheart (it still counts even though we went to different high schools) in 2002. We have one daughter and two shih tzus called Luke & Leia. We're not into Star Wars as much as our pet name selections suggest.

I'm a chronic hair cutter/grower and though I started Big Teeth & Clouds in 2009, I stopped blogging almost entirely from the spring of 2011 until winter of 2014. I was almost famous once for writing about Eggo waffles. My novel spent about three years comfortably on a shelf. After a good long rest, it's now available from amazon.com!

My daughter has moderate-severe sensorineural hearing loss. Visit my other blog, Magic Ear Kids, for resources and stories for parents of kids with hearing loss.